5. The Supreme Court, for once again making sure blacks and gays never have a good week at the same time. Remember 2008? Hooray, we elected Barack Obama! Oh shit, Proposition 8. Now, fast-forward to 2013: Hooray, we defeated DOMA! Oh shit, the most important legacy of the Civil Rights movement was just gutted, capping off a 40-year campaign to stack the bench with conservatives trained to kill the VRA and eventually Roe v. Wade. Don't think the Roberts Court isn't coming for you next, women. Wendy Davis better get new shoes for whatever they're planning.


4. Mike Huckabee, who tried to rain on our gay pride parade this week. In the midst of the celebrating and rejoicing this week, there were of course people who haven't quite caught up to the 21st Century yet. There was Michele Bachmann, who spouted some nonsense, to which we and Nancy Pelosi responded, "Who cares?" And there was Mike Huckabee, who publicly, deliberately misused a Bible quotation to back up his bigoted opinion. For those of you who haven't read your Bible lately, "Jesus wept" is a teeny tiny verse from the Book of John that comes just after the death of Lazarus. It's all about the depth of Jesus' compassion for human beings, something Mikey might try to emulate next time. It's definitely not about legalizing gay marriage, but at this point, we're hardly surprised to see Bible verses taken out of context and used by Mr. Huckabee to support homophobia.