You know it's been a shitty week when snowmen appear to be enjoying the milder temps.
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After a bitter cold week across the U.S. that was so miserable escaped convicts were heading back to prison for comfort, this coming weekend will feel like a spa day in Cancun by comparison. So whether you decide to plop down in front of the TV to finish your Arctic Vortex stash of booze, or break out a pair of shorts and emerge from your stinky cocoon to read a book on a wet park bench, here are a few suggestions for a happy weekend.


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1. Bounce back and forth between masculine and feminine extremes by watching Girls and True Detectives.
Well played, HBO. The Sunday night premeires of both True Detectives and Girls makes you wonder if HBO has turned their programming over to E-Harmony. I've never watched Girls, but the new serial killer series starring Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey looks so good I may spend the next two days looking for a women who has HBO to settle down with.

What sucks is there's now one show on each premium channel that I want to watch, but like most people I'd prefer my cable bill to be under 200 bucks, so I wind up spending months trying to avoid spoilers without being a dick to friends and co-workers. It's a subject I wrote about recently in a hard-hitting Happy Place investigative piece you can find here.