If you're already a nervous flyer, here's one more thing to make you panic at 30,000 feet—possessed dolls. According to CNN, Thai Smile Airlines is now allowing passengers to book seats for a kind of supernatural doll that is popular in the Southeast Asian nation. Each lifelike dolls, known as a Luk Thep, or "child angel," supposedly contains the spirit of an actual child (yikes), and brings good luck.

The dolls, which retail for up to $400, are not child's play. They're treated by their adult owners like real children. The airline's new policy was announced after increasing complaints from costumers who got offended when they were asked to store their "babies" in overhead bins. Thai Smile will allow the dolls to have their own seats, where they'll be treated just like normal customers—i.e. being told to buckle up for takeoff and landing, and being served snacks and drinks by flight attendants mid-flight. The dolls and their owners will also be treated to unlimited eye rolls by fellow passengers. You know what, they can have all the snacks they want, just no knives, please.