Catcalling is bad enough in New York when you're walking, but it gets exponentially worse when you're running.


Ashley Bez looking super strong at mile 6.5! #tcsnycmarathon
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I like to run outdoors because gyms give me anxiety. Also, I live near Central Park, which is a glorious place to go running. However, the half mile run to and from the park are almost always interrupted by dudes on the street who feel the need to say exactly what they think about me. It is always gross, and even when their words aren't overtly sexual, the tone is still pretty disgusting.

Here are some things guys have yelled at me while running in New York:

1. "The running is working, the running is WORKing!"

This was one of the more memorable comments I received, and at the very least, it was original. I've never heard it before, and I haven't heard it since. And yet, I hated it because it meant he was judging my body and reporting on it. No thanks, creep-o.

2. "Can I run with you?"

I've gotten this one so many times that my go-to answer is "yes," because it catches them off guard and by the time they even attempt to start running, I'm a block away. 

3. "Looking good."

This is another frequent comment. It is a lot like when a catcaller says "looking good" to a woman who is walking by, but because I'm running he says it louder and more than once, just to make sure I hear it.