Do you live in one of the worst cities in America to find a new job in, or are you just an unhire-able loser? This handy graphic from WalletHub—based on metrics such as job openings, employment growth, and monthly median starting salary in 150 of the most populated cities in the country—holds the answer. It may seem obvious, but moving to a city that has filed for bankruptcy protection, like Stockton, California, or Detroit, Michigan, is not a recipe for success. It's less obvious that moving to a random town in Texas may actually be your best bet for getting a job—and if not, at least some decent Tex-Mex. 

Can never find that dang 'Find Job' button on the keyboard.

But be wary of California if you're hoping to make a fresh start. Five of the 10 worst places to find a job in 2016 are located in the ironically nicknamed Golden State. Here are the 10 best places to look for a job you'll eventually end up hating:

If you lived here, you'd have a job by now, and lots of access to strip malls.
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