5. Australian news anchor Natarsha Belling, who wore a jacket with a penis-shaped neckline on air.

Clipping that mic to it is pretty kinky. (Channel 10 via Metro)


Natarsha Belling is a highly respected newsreader for Australia's Network Ten. Whoever is in charge of her wardrobe, however, might have just lost some respect. That person is responsible for picking out this green jacket, which would be very flattering if the neckline weren't shaped like a cartoon dong ejaculating a zipper. The Internet immediately picked up on the resemblance and went with it. Let's hope this all blows over soon and everyone stops giving Belling a hard time. Come on, people; she's a journalist. Don't be a dick.

4. Bill Cosby, who took more of a beating than Justin Bieber at the Justin Bieber roast.

Congrats Justin! You're the lesser of two evils. (Getty)

Comedy Central taped its Roast of Justin Bieber on Saturday, and the 21-year-old singer took some vicious jabs from the comedians and other entertainers on the dais. However, those jokes were affectionate compared to the shots fired at Bill Cosby, who wasn't even there to hear them. You can't fault anyone for going after Cosby the way they did. Say what you will about the Biebs, he's not accused of being a serial rapist. Many of the jokes were directed at Hannibal Buress (who was on the dais), since he was the one brought the charges against Cosby to light months ago by mentioning them in a standup performance. Here are a couple: