5. TV pitchman Dell Schanze, who's under investigation for kicking an owl from a paraglider and filming it.

The name "Dell Schanze" is an infamous one in Utah, as well as in the world of paragliding. Neither of those communities is normally a hotbed of controversy, but he's just that big of a dick. "Super Dell" Schanze is the former owner of Totally Awesome Computers, a retail chain that was based out of Salt Lake City until it shut down in 2006. Schanze is still well-known in Utah for his frenetic, high-energy commercials, and for his run-ins with the police, which include previous paramotor antics, as well as gun charges. (A paramotor is a paraglider with a small propeller.) When Totally Awesome Computers went totally bankrupt, he blamed it on the Utah media, calling everyone involved " liars and murderers."

An incident in which he flew his paraglider low over Interstate 15 at rush hour him the ire of other paramotor enthusiasts, and now, it's animal right activists who are coming after him. They're accusing Schanze of taking this video of himself kicking an owl while shouting, "Who's the predator now?!" There's no proof that it's him, but nobody in Utah has any doubt. Schanze himself refused to flat-out deny it at a court hearing, insisting that he wanted to take a plea deal while still not admitting fault, even after the judge patiently explained that that's not what a plea deal is. The judge ordered the case to trial, and Schanze went into a rant outside the courthouse about the satanic media.