5. Homophobes. It seemed like men's professional sports were the last safe haven for homophobic people, despite also being the most homoerotic thing available on basic cable. For decades, not one active player in the four major sports was openly gay, even though, statistically speaking, a fair percentage are probably "locker-roomed" (that's "closeted" for sports). That is, until today, when 34-year-old NBA player Jason Collins was brave enough to publicly declare that he is gay (and black!). The response to Collins' admission has been generally positive, suggesting that the times have changed, and homophobes can no longer assume it's okay to scream homophobic slurs at the opposing team. They'll just have to think of more creative ways to express their rage.


4. Tim Tebow. Speaking of homophobic professional athletes, the Jets unceremoniously cut Tim Tebow loose today, after deciding that he is not very good at football. While they're probably right, getting fired has to sting, especially since Tebow's hometown Jacksonville Jaguars have been extremely clear about the fact that they don't want him either. Maybe it's time for Tebow to think about alternative careers, like traveling preacher. In the meantime, let's all take a knee until Tebow's bruised and battered career is cleared from the field.