5. Whoever had to clean the bathtub Justin Bieber got baptized in. Justin Bieber has found religion, which is great news for his publicist and a bit disappointing for the rest of us. Bieber was baptized at Hillsong Church in Manhattan last week after a series of controversial videos emerged where he sang racist lyrics. Apparently, Bieber spent a week doing Bible study before committing to getting baptized. Is there anything more trite than a beleaguered public figure turning to God? It's almost as bad as when they turn to Terry Richardson. Frankly, I find it awfully hard to belieb that Justin thinks there's a higher power than himself. 

(via Sonoma County Sheriff's Office)

4. Whoever's credit card was used to rent this $240,000 sportscar. Two California teens were arrested last week after police pulled them over in an orange sports car they'd rented with a stolen credit card. Mohannad Halaweh and Nhimia Kahsay, both 19, also rented a $12 million vacation home with the same card. The McLaren sports car has an estimated valued of $240,000 and cost $13,000 to rent. Those are some pretty ballsy fraudulent charges, and apparently this wasn't the first time Halaweh used a stolen credit card in spectacular fashion. In March, Halaweh tried to buy 14 iPhones and 2 laptops at an Apple store, but was arrested. In this case, I personally blame the parents of the car rental guy for whom this transaction raised no red flags.