5. This inconsolable little kid and every other Argentinian soccer fan. For nearly every losing team in this year's World Cup tourney, there's been one heartbroken spectator who epitomized the sense of loss for that country's fans. Yesterday, that honor went to this little crestfallen kid, who angrily shrugged off his father's attempt to console him after Germany scored their winning goal against Argentina. The World Cup is over, but this kid and many like him won't be coming out of their rooms any time soon. They've got some weeping to do.


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4. Anyone booking plane tickets anytime soon. The TSA has been doing such a great job offering physical intimacy to America's randomly selected travelers that our plane tickets are about to start costing more. That TSA security fee built into ticket prices is going to more than double starting July 21st, and there will be increased fees for travelers with long layovers (more than four hours on a domestic flight). Given that the most annoying part of air travel is now going to be the reason our tickets cost more, passengers should at least be allowed to check off a list of pleasure spots before a pat-down.