5. People with heart conditions or severe sensitivity to cold who nevertheless love joining in on social media trends.

The Ice Bucket Challenge has already raised millions for ALS research, and has pretty much dominated your social media feeds during these slow end-of-summer days. But what of those people who can't participate? Sure, they can send in their money like a normal, humbly charitable person. But they don't get to garner likes with a goofy video showing off their hot swimsuit bod, do they? Perhaps a challenge is in order to benefit those poor souls who feel left out by challenges. Let's start spreading The Sitting In A Comfortable Chair In A Well Air-Conditioned Room challenge [catchy hashtag TK]. Everyone who participates donates $100. I'd go $200 if the chair's a recliner.


4. Everyone in Ferguson, and everyone whose hope dies a little more every time they read about Ferguson.

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So now the National Guard is being sent in to clean up the mess left by the state troopers who were sent in to clean up the mess made by the police. Considering that so much of the hostility erupted in response to a police force that was outfitted like the military, sending in actual military to act like a police force probably isn't going to end very well.