It'll take more than a little house fire to kill your Comcast bill.

"Sir, losing your walls is going to be the best thing that's happened to your wi-fi."


Jimmy Ware is a 66 year-old retired trucker living in St. Paul, Minnesota. Well, that's where his house was until it burned down on April 1st, anyway. You would think that having your home, and with it your tv, your cable box, your Internet outlets and cable jacks, go up in smoke would be a clear end to your cable contract. You would be an optimist, though, a wrong optimist. That's not even the best part, though.

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Instead of looking at their system and saying "yes, there seems to be a smoldering crater at that address, we'll stop charging that person for TV and Internet," when Ware's daughter Jessica Schmidt called Comcast, they told her they could not stop charging her father without his complete account number. A number which had gone up in flames with every other piece of paper in the house because paper fares poorly in house fire situations. We still haven't reached the best part, btw.

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Ware even got on the phone with the reps themselves, despite being preoccupied with matters like being homeless as a senior citizen, and gave them the last four digits of his Social Security number...which mattered not at all. But wait, the best part of this whole ordeal?

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