(photo via J.C. Rice - New York Post)
At least wear sunglasses to disguise yourself. And, watch out for hop-ons.

Maybe he's auditioning early for the part of GOB Bluth in a remake of Arrested Development 20 years from now, because two things are for certain: he has access to a stair car, and he has terrible decision-making abilities. This guy, who was apparently grinning ear-to-ear the entire time, took the plane-loading vehicle to a pizza place in Queens, where he is apparently a regular. Despite the fact that we know he's a regular, the Port Authority has no idea who he is, although they are trying to find out (the car is not street-legal and has an airport-only license plate). They should know better; the New York pizza place code is sacred. Southwest Airlines, on the other hand, had no problem with his behavior; spokesman Chris Mainz said, "Nothing unusual or out of protocol on this one." Southwest Airlines: an awesome employer. The Port Authority: a psuedo-governmental organization without much sense of humor, although who really wants that in a Port Authority?



Sources: New York Post