All adult world jobs are horrible. But they're not as horrible as those underpaid summer jobs we all worked when we were in high school and college because we were young, unskilled, uneducated, and desperate for cash. (They almost universally involved angry people screaming, unbearable temperatures, and being sticky at the end of the day.) People on Reddit weighed in about the worst summer jobs they ever had.


1. A user named p1tch was the weeder in the onion fields, which sounds like the name of a Pulitzer Prize-winning novel.

My worst summer job lasted for a total of 5 days. I was a "weeder" for onion fields since the weed killer they used ended up killing the onions too. It was in the dead of summer, in Nova Scotia and the temperatures usually went between 20-30 degrees throughout the days I worked.

2. According to this now deleted account, the only thing worse than attending a summer festival is working at one.

Cleaning up after T in the Park (music festival) was pretty disgusting. Used toilet paper, untold number of bottles of piss, condoms and the like. Plus a bunch of idiots working with me, which meant that we didn't finish in time, the festival bosses wouldn't pay the waste company, who then wouldn't pay me. So didn't get paid until after many many letters, the death of the owner and the company getting put into liquidation.