We remember when a Bank Error In Your Favor was only worth $200.

A German banker fell asleep on his keyboard with his finger still pressed on the number 2. He was supposed to be transferring a measly €62.50 to a bank customer (a retiree), but even though he only fell asleep "for an instant," it was long enough for him to send someone €222,222,222.22 (about $293 million). Fortunately for the bank, they were able to take all that money from that random elderly person in just a few minutes when another colleague spotted the error.

The employee who fell asleep was not fired (seems like the least they could do in light of working him until he passed out), but his supervisor was. She then took the case to court, which ruled that she should only have been reprimanded, since her mistake was sincere and it wasn't like she wasn't also exhausted — she had checked 811 other transfers that day. 


Moral of the story, don't work for German banks and don't expect to keep any money they send you.

Sources: France 24