Slack: it's the hottest new app your boss is making you use. It lets everyone in the office talk and increase productivity. More importantly, it allows you to demonstrate your wit, charm, and ability to come right up to the edge of an HR violation by summoning random gifs during professional conversations. Here are 12 features of Slack that will make you seem like the most important person in the company without actually contributing more.

1. Make your own custom emojis and associate them with success.

This is a Johnny. It can be generated in the Someecards Slack by entering :PerfectHeadline:, because I wanted to be synonymous with perfect headlines.

Associate your face with good work by storing it as an emoji that literally means "good work."

First, go to http://[yourdomain]

Hopefully you can figure it out from here.

Next, choose a name for your new emoji. This will be what people type to generate it, or what they see when their mouse hovers over it. Make sure it's something that means quality, like "quality" or "good" or "good quality." Finally, create a cutout image of your face (like I did) and upload it to Slack before saving your new emoji. Congratulations, you are now the literal embodiment of quality at your company!