- When work feels overwhelming, remember that you're going to die

We need a computer nerd! The computer nerds we have now tell us we need something called a "developer," so they put together this job posting we barely understand. Send an email to [email protected] after checking out the requirements. 

Why work for some boring soulless corporation when you can work for Someecards? (Sure, we're still soulless, but we're not boring.) Someecards is looking for a New York based Web Developer who is excited to work at a growing company, and who wants to help create cutting-edge ways for users to share, create and interact with great content. 

Working at Someecards you’d be doing a bit of everything from helping update our CMS platform so we can enhance existing properties to building out some of the lab ideas our creative team is pumping out. It's exciting, challenging, and there is room for the right candidate to take a leading role in helping us design and build new solutions as content shifts towards motion, video, and more complex interactions.   

We are a small team that works out of a brand new office in the flatiron area and we offer a flexible and fun work environment. Sometimes you even get a free t-shirt. Or mug. (You may be able to pilfer a desk calendar if no one's looking, but we're going to be pretty suspicious if we see it on your desk. Plan your crimes better!)

Please send an email to [email protected] with a resume and links to code samples.

Must haves: 

  • Experience concepting, architecting, and building complex web-based applications.
  • Full-stack LAMP development on Amazon’s infrastructure, including extensive devops experience. Must have fluency with CI tools, Github, and unit testing, as well as familiarity with command line, apache config, chef server, and more.
  • Experience with object-oriented development, MVC architecture, and component-based application development. Ability to debug custom procedural applications, and build new applications without requiring the use of full-stack frameworks.
  • Experience working with social media API integration (especially Facebook).
  • Experience building and maintaining RESTful APIs.
  • Solid knowledge of modern, cross browser HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
  • A desire to work at a company whose goal is to try and make people laugh, but who also value great UX and elegant tech solutions


  • Advanced Javascript development skills, including both client-side (full app, not just jQuery) and server-side (Node.js) Javascript
  • Heavy experience with modern HTML5 and responsive, cross-browser front-end coding
  • Experience writing, maintaining, and deploying production code for a large scale application
  • Strong communication skills and the ability to draft and visually communicate UI design concepts.

Send a resume and links to code samples to: [email protected]