There's a Dwight Shrute in every workplace across America. The Office's second most eccentric character (after Creed Bratton, arguably) is a perfect amalgamation of the bizarre coworkers everyone has to put up with from 9-5, Monday thru Friday. A recent Reddit thread asked users to describe their own office's Dwight Shrute, and unless you're the Shrute of your office, the answers will stir memories of that freak who's always muttering something about bears, beets, and/or Battlestar Galactica a few cubicles over.


1. This coworker of samthehammer's is pretty much Dwight in the flesh.

He is overweight, but has a black belt in tae kwan do. He spends his time at the gym throwing his legs up at the punching bag.

He recently bought a motorcycle, but had to have a coworker drive it home since he doesnt have the license yet.

He recently went to a job convention since if he gets a job offer, he can petition for an early release from the army. So he walked around the office for an entire day with a stack of business cards talking about how many jobs offers he received. His applications are actually still pending.

He is a sergeant, but not many people take him seriously so he was put in charge of the companys' humvees and larger trucks instead of real people.

He has the same male pattern baldness as Dwight, and combs his bangs forward.

He does the "knife hand" whenever he tries to give orders to people, especially when he's on the phone with them.

Sources: Reddit