5. The Replacement Refs - It's been a rough few weeks for the NFL's scab squad. A litany of blown calls, botched rules, ignored infractions, and general all-around confusion have turned the league into a cross between a lawless Old West town and an unruly 8th-grade class whose substitute teacher has melted into a weeping, chain-smoking puddle of failure. You could almost feel bad for the guys, if they weren't dressed like referees. 


4. Billie Joe Armstrong - The Green Day frontman is checking himself into rehab after losing his mind at a music festival recently, unleashing a vulgar rant against Justin Bieber and smashing his guitar to pieces on the stage. To be fair, though, hating pop stars and destroying musical equipment is far more acceptable behavior for a 40-year-old man than wearing black spiky hair and mascara. We probably should have seen this whole thing coming, anyway. No one who's not on copious amounts of drugs releases that many concept albums.

Sources: Chase Mitchell