Tattoos used to just be for sailors and hooligans, but now everybody's got one, and sometimes people go a bit crazy to make sure their ink is unique. Here's a few stories from tattoo artists and their friends, who weighed in on Reddit to talk about the most ill-advised tattoos they ever inked (or respectfully declined to ink).


1. This bit from SmileyFaceInk describes either a bad tattoo or a great Pixies song.

A T-Rex surfing on an ocean of blood, and in his hands, a rose.

2. Well, Taste_of_Space, where else would you put that? On your bicep? Wouldn't make sense.

My tattoo artist claims to have tattooed the likeness of Count Chocula on a man's taint.

3. Ganglebot knows that nothing will ever be cool as Fonzie, or at least something Fonzie-esque.

My brother went on a bachelor party to Montreal and one of the guys was a tattoo artist.

While everyone was hung over one morning, one of the guys asked for a tattoo from the tattoo artist (who brought his gear). The hung over guy said, "Just do whatever you want, but nothing offensive"

To this day on his upper calf he has a picture of a hotdog in a leather jacket (the fonz), with a bottle of ketchup and mustard in each hand. And in a crest around the hotdog-Fonz it says, "I miss dinosaurs