The last hour of work on a Friday is a joke. You know it. Your coworkers know it. Your boss knows it, unless he's a total ass.

Boooooooooored. Boredboredboredbored. (via Thinkstock)


Even though everyone knows this, you still have to participate in the ruse that is pretending to work. Why? Don't ask that question right now. The answer will make you depressed.* Instead, spend the last hour of your day doing one of these things that sort of look like real productive things.

1. Play one of these games that look like actual work.

Can't You See I'm Busy is a site of computer games designed to look like Real Work Tasks. You can even enter your company's name so it shows up on the game. Or you can write "F*ck [enter your boss's name here]." I don't care.

2. Delete all of the emails from your boss.

You know you want to. Do it, and feel a tiny surge of gleeful power with each click. Think about the repercussions on Monday. Or never. Never's probably a better option.

3. Photocopy a bunch of pictures of ham (or whatever).

You can photocopy whatever you want; photocopying looks like you're Doing Something. But I'm going to suggest that you photocopy a picture of ham, because that's funny. I'll even put a picture of ham right here:

It's hamtastic. (via Thinkstock)

4. Put the pictures of ham up around your office.

If anyone asks what you're doing, just say "ham committee."

5. Do some work on your life. No, really.