Every actor in this video was fired for complaining after work.


After watching this depressingly funny video from Can Opener Studio, I have a confession to make: sometimes, I am a customer. I try not to be, but a lot of times starvation and the fact that my clothes from high school are finally falling apart forces me to go into stores and/or restaurants to buy things. However, after looking around at my fellow customers and their disgusting behavior (which is usually in front of their soon-to-be horrible kids, who are sadly learning the skills (emotional abuse) that lead to success in life), I have come up with some tricks to help me feel like less of a C-word:

1. When I go into a clothing store and don't want help, I ask the salesperson their name and promise to tell the cashier they helped me if they just leave me alone. If no one helped me and I know the store pays people by commission, I just tell the cashier to say any random clerk helped me, since that lets me give a small amount of money to a real person instead of, say, a masturbating American Apparel CEO. 

2. When I go into a store selling technology of some kind and ask dumb questions, I appreciate being less dumb after getting answers.

3. If someone fucks up my food, well, I ask calmly whether something can be done about it and I don't link my mixed-up side order to any kind of fundamental flaw in my server's mental health. You can't make assumptions like that, especially since it was probably the chef's fault, since chefs are all raging cokeheads.

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