South Dakota nurse Alice Graber worked as a nurse for 72 years before she finally decided it might be time to retire at the age of 93.

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She got her first job as a nurse in 1944, and kept doing it because she liked that she was helping people and "it was one way of doing something good."

Is doing something good the secret to staying alive and vital? She has spent the last 20 years of her career working in the Salem Mennonite home for the Aged. Some of her patients must have been shocked to be looked after by someone older than themselves.

You sure you went to med school? I have grandkids older than you.

Not only did Graber take care of countless strangers, she also raised two children who gave her five grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren. Graber's daughter Sharon Waltner told ABC:

My mother is 93 and in her generation, nursing was a sense of identity, in addition to making a difference in peoples lives especially in the local community. She was with parents when there was a birth and a death. These were some of the meaningful experiences that carry through the years.

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