Like every school with a story of a senior who, like, totally pantsed the principal, every office has its own private mythology. Maybe it was the boss who got caught sleeping with his assistant—by the other assistant he was sleeping with; maybe it's Katherine in sales who got fired for having a shrine to the company VP; maybe it was that guy who, like, totally pansted the CEO. We asked our readers to share their best office legends, and like they did with vacations, bad dates, and creepy bosses, they delivered.

1. If there is one office story that's truly universal, it's "the day someone screwed up on a company-wide email." This person wished to remain anonymous.


I used to work for a very large engineering firm. We would get emails with "safety tips." One day the safety tip was about choking with the attached image. This went company wide. It was never acknowledged or apologized for. Everyone still agrees that it was the best day ever. ​

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2. Here's a story Kayla sent us on Facebook from the "nerdy" side of the United States military. A good reminder that even if our armed forces are the greatest in human history, they're still made up of a bunch of humans.