Any closer, and you would not be watching this video.

On Sunday morning, the Northeast was hit by widespread freezing rain conditions, causing "black ice" to form on many roads. The result was hundreds of accidents (428 in New Jersey alone) and at least a few fatalities—although fortunately, none of those came from this accident on the NJ Turnpike.

When YouTuber MrLegolize stopped his car because two spun-out trucks were blocking I-95 ahead of him, he thought he would be stuck in traffic and had plenty of time to take a picture. Shortly after he took out his camera, however, he heard a noise. That noise turned out to be a tandem tractor-trailer hurtling straight at him while clearly sliding on the icy roadway. Fortunately, the driver's quick reaction kept MrLegolize from being flattened (the truck did force another car off the road, but as you can see below, the passengers were OK). Presumably, it was his shock that prevented him from making any noise whatsoever during his ordeal.

Follow-up: somehow, everyone is kinda OK.


The aftermath video has good news, however! MrLegolize pulled over to safety after the first segment of this video, called 911 while the camera was off, and then walked back to check on everyone. Then, the State Troopers showed up and told him to buzz off, which in New Jersey is slang for "thanks so much for your help, citizen."

Sources: MrLegolize on YouTube