I wonder if she's angling to get a job on Twitter. I hear they're available.
(pic via GoingConcern)

On the Internet, everyone loves a quitter. Seriously. Today's hero of not-gonna-take-it-anymoreness is Glory, a former associate auditor at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC). Glory quit her job last Monday, and since then her epic resignation letter-slash-middle-finger aimed at her job and coworkers has gone viral, first on accounting blogs like GoingConcern and NoirCPA, and now on regular-people blogs. As you can see, Glory's extensive use of hashtags indicates she may have known this was going online:



#WowReallyDontBeAPhonySuckup? #WhoKnew? (pic via GoingConcern)

If you currently or have ever hated your job, this will give you a small taste of the satisfying adrenaline rush you fantasize about getting from telling everyone off and pursuing your dreams. (Full disclosure: the moment I decided to give writing a shot was when my supervisor at the Federal Reserve in Philadelphia told me at the end of my internship that I had the makings of a great bank auditor. I'm sorry I didn't stop the financial collapse singlehandedly by being there, but I'm ok with it.) 

#RampantSpeculationAboutWhatPeoplesCouchesLookLike #VagWax (pic via GoingConcern)

Glory's email is typical of the devastating f-you departure; for most of the letter you want to root for Glory, but then occasionally she makes you wonder whether she's just maybe a little insane herself. Like when she included a ten-point list about why Beyonce is better than Britney Spears (that needed 10 points?), or the fact that she used about 547 hashtags (I don't know exactly how many. Do I look like some kind of accountant to you?), or the randomly colored text throughout her email. But hey, maybe Glory has a job hyping Queen Bey by now, or at least a few more Twitter followers.

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