- Congratulations on getting divorced while you still look doable.

Unlike your drecepit future ex-husband.

Evidently, not even defending your man from a vicious pie-throwing attack is enough to keep him from leaving because Rupert Murdoch just filed for divorce from his soon-to-be ex-wife Wendi Deng Murdoch. You're better off without him, girl! To honor their split (and to help her get her groove back), we've collected 7 divorce cards perfect to send to the slighted Mrs. Murdoch. Share them on Facebook and Twitter or celebrate irreconcilable differences in your own way by creating your own divorce card in our user section. - If it's too soon after your divorce to ask you out, please revisit this ecard tomorrow

For anyone harboring a secret crush on Wendi Deng. - Best of luck not remarrying the same type of person you just divorced.

On the bright side, the only person as ancient and evil as he is is Satan. - Wishing you a divorce that's slightly less appalling than your marriage

In fairness, Rupert Murdoch being married to anyone is pretty appalling. - Sorry being divorced means you'll have to try during sex again.

Because with Rupert the only trying she was doing was trying not to kill him. - Thanks for getting divorced and adding to the statistical evidence I use as an excuse to avoid marriage

"Statistical evidence" is something FOX News could benefit from. - At least the divorce is less expensive than the wedding.

We wish you a "fair and balanced" division of assets decidedly in your favor.

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