Breakups suck. Help a pal through a rough time without even bothering to get up from your desk by sending them a hilarious ecard. It is the perfect way to say "I care, but not really all that much."

1. Show them the silver lining to being completely and totally alone.

2. Help your friend get over their summer fling by reminding them why they started a summer fling in the first place.

3. Be there for your friend, but not like "gym buddy" there.

4. Gently let them know that their post-breakup internet presence is the worst.

5. Show your friend that things could be much worse.

6. Use your friend's heartache as an excuse to get drunk.

7. Let them know things will be slightly less horrible one day.

8. Be there for your friend even when their ex moves on.

9. And remind them whether they are single or taken, they're a damn mess.

10. They can even take a well deserved, slightly bitter vacation.

11. It is your duty as a friend to be brutally honest, even if that makes you kind of a dick.

12. Remind them even the most bang-able people get dumped.

13. Bond over your mutual hatred of their ex.

14. Teach them the power of unfriending someone.

15. Most importantly, show them you will be there for them like they are always there for you.