No woman could ever come between them. (via Facebook)

When Colorado Springs soldier Robby Gabbert was deployed to Afghanistan, he left his three-year-old Shiba Inu, Baxter, in the care of his girlfriend. At some point, they broke up, and his ex promptly sold Baxter on Craigslist. Yeah. And you thought your ex sucked. 

With another six months left on his tour, Robby was helpless to recover Baxter, but he put up a post on Craigslist explaining what had happened.

(screengrab via Gawker)

Luckily for Robby, some strangers saw the story and set up a Facebook page to help find Baxter (the page has since been taken down as part of an agreement with the family who has Baxter). Unfortunately, the military family who bought Baxter didn't want to give him up, saying their young kids had already become attached. To be fair, they thought they'd legitimately purchased Baxter and had no idea they were part of some horrible human-canine love triangle.

Sources: KOAA 5 | h/t Gawker