Redditor absolutec is going through some issues with his marriage but took the time to share his personal drama with the Internet. According to him, his wife and he "have been working on things...until she sent me this screenshot about a delayed surgery. My name isn't Austin." Here's the screenshot that's ending their marriage (or simply giving them something more to talk about):


Confused? So were many redditors. Like bulletm, who wrote, "You're gonna have to explain this. I read it 4 times and I'm totally lost,."

Let's take a step back.

absolutec and his wife have a friend undergoing surgery. The wife learnt some new information from her friend, with whom she'd been corresponding about an extramarital love interest, Austin. The wife took a screenshot of the text exchange as a quick way to fill in her husband about their friend's surgery updates. The wife failed to crop the photo before sending the screenshot to her husband, thus informing him that she kissed another guy. Got it?

One day soon—or in about 10 seconds—it'll all make sense.