For whatever reason, cheaters have been cheating since the dawn of time. The first caveman probably got caught dragging his cave wife's sister back to their cave like, "What? Me no cheat. This not what looks like." While cavemen had a better shot at getting away with their sneaky sex lies, cheaters of today are getting busted on a global scale, which is great because there's nothing better than watching someone else's drama. Here are five cheating cheaters who got caught and totally shamed online.

Watching cheaters get busted like…

1. The hero who busted a cheater and scored free pizza.

When Twitter user VermillionEli caught his friend Samantha's boyfriend straight up cheating on her, he did what any good pal would do. He blackmailed the cheater into buying him a delicious pizza, then used his greasy pizza fingers to text his friend the truth about her two-timing boyfriend. Revenge is sweet, my friends, or in this case, cheesy.