His sign says "I'm sorry." His eyes say "I'd do it again, and probably will."

According to the super-reliable Internet news source known as Reddit, this guy was just spotted in the Arundle Hills Mall in Maryland. That same journalistic authority (we'll stop blindly trusting Reddit when CNN does) says that pad of paper in his left hand (screen right, geniuses) is for collecting 500 signatures to get his girlfriend to take him back. Sources (nope, the same source) also claim that a.) the girlfriend was standing in the corner in a green camouflage jacket glaring at him and b.) he started getting very friendly with a "raven-haired beauty" who suggested he shouldn't have to submit himself to this humiliation.


Wait a second. "Raven-haired beauty?" Our Reddit source's username is "Brunetteness." Coincidence? Well, it's not like we've been going on hard evidence for anything else so far, so, why not? Breaking News: Brunetteness and this guy totally hooked up.

Sources: Redditor Brunetteness