If you want to be with your dream guy or gal, you've got to take the risk of asking them out first, and that means probably getting rejected or dumped a few times along the way—and most of us are fine with that. Some people, however, simply can't handle the idea that this one person, out of the billions out there, is not into them. Those people are why first dates take place in well-lighted public places. We asked our readers to share their best stories of poorly-handled rejection, here are 13 of the best. Sorry if we didn't pick yours, please don't key our car.


1. Ruby wrote us a roller-coaster of a story. At first, she (and her friend) were the overreacting parties, but there was poetic justice for everyone involved. Except for Josh, who did nothing wrong.

My best friend "Jamie" introduced me to her boyfriend's roommate "Josh" because she thought we would hit it off. I thought he was really attractive. We went on one date, and I thought it went well, but then he started showing up in Facebook pictures with another girl. He stopped calling me and I was, unreasonably, pissed.

So, Jamie started taking Josh's toothbrush and scrubbing the toilet with it every time she went over to their house to hang out with her boyfriend, as a form of payback for me.

We thought it was hilarious and she would send me pictures of his toothbrush in the toilet with captions like "I just scrubbed the shit that's been crusted under the toilet ring." This went on for a few weeks, until one morning Jamie stayed the night at her boyfriend's and followed him into the bathroom the next morning to brush their teeth together.

In a hilarious twist of irony, her boyfriend then picked up THE toothbrush she had been using in the toilet and started to brush his teeth with it! She asked him, apprehensively, why he was using Josh's toothbrush to which he replied that his was the other one. She just let him continue brushing rather than expose what had been happening. However, it was poetic justice because she had been making out with the guy who was brushing his teeth with the toilet toothbrush.

A few months later, my friend learned that her boyfriend had been cheating on her. It was still gross and totally childish, but it did make her feel better about getting cheated on by him.