Impressing a girl may seem like a hard endeavor, because it is. Especially when dudes with inflated egos pull horrible pickup lines out of their butt just to woo unsuspecting girls on the street. They don't know you, dude. Chill out, be polite, and show off your great personality when the time is right.

Or else, it's buh-bye for you.

These 30 stories from many, many Reddit threads show just how desperate guys are when it comes to courtship. You can't even call it courtship. These failed attempts in trying to impress a girl is more like harassment? Get ready to cringe.

1. The guy in NoWomanFullCry's story has a bright future.

I was at a party with this guy, and he shoved his entire fist into his own mouth to impress a girl.

2. Iamdrgroot's best friend was way too stoned.

My best friend, who was high as fuck did this to his crush of a long time:

goes up to this girl

In his stoned voice, "y-you know, your phone is absolutely worthless..."

"Excuse me, why?"

With a creepy grin, "because you don't have my number in it!"

Proceeds to laugh uncontrollably

Here's an animated GIF of that dude.