Some find the idea of asking your soon-to-be fiancé's father for his blessing an antiquated tradition. Others think of it as an integral show of respect for the family you're hoping to join. A lot of dads, though, just think it's a great opportunity to make their future son-in-laws feel incredibly uncomfortable.

Do not ask John Mayer's permission.

The following men took to AskReddit to share their experiences of that particularly excruciating moment. If you're thinking of proposing to your significant other, you might want to carefully consider how you propose to the father, first.

1. It could have been worse for ColeTheHoward, but not much.

Wasn't told no, but it got awkward for a minute.

My future father in law had to take a day trip for business to Vegas (about a two hour drive from where we lived) so I tag along thinking that the drive would provide ample opportunity to have a conversation about marriage.

So, marriage comes up, and he asks me to tell him why I want to marry his daughter. I talk, I bumble, I share a couple of anecdotes and insights, and wrap up my jumbled case over the course of five or six incoherent minutes.

I stare straight ahead at the freeway as I wait for a response.

Nothing. Complete silence. I turn to look at him. He looks concerned as hell. Disgusted, even. In a panic I start trying to review what the hell I had said while beginning to realize that if this goes bad I still have 8 or 9 hours to spend with the guy.

He reaches up to his mouth and then looks at his hand.

"My tooth fell out."

Sure enough, in his hand was a tooth.

We've been married nine years and my father in law and I are very close.