When people are in love (or in like), they tend to do stupid things, like think Green Day lyrics are romantic. Mashable uncovered a trove of such people, who took to Reddit to admit to the most cringeworthy stuff they've ever done for a crush.

All of these people are in rom-com with no happy ending.

A lot of these incidents happened in the childhood years, before people had ample opportunity to learn the difference between cute and creepy. Hopefully, in the time since these incidents occurred, these 17 Redditors have recovered from their moments of shame. Eh, probably not. These are pretty bad.

1. Mr_Nexxus might've had a better chance if he'd gone with the All-American Rejects.

In the eighth grade I printed out Green Day lyrics and wrote "I love you" on the end, then taped them all over her desk and chair.

Somehow, it didn't work out.

2. Mehdysphoria couldn't have fit it all on one page?

I wrote him an essay to confess my love to him. 7 pages worth of cringe.

3. In the end, it all worked out for AtHashtagThrowaway.

She was already in the process of giving me the "thanks but no thanks", and in a bit of desperation I tried serenading her with some sweet No Doubt over the phone.

18 years later and we are happily married... to other people.