Seconds before disaster strikes.

So, here's this guy and his lady floating peacefully on the water along with a bunch of their friends. Just chillin', drinking some beers and soaking in the sun's rays. But he wants more. So he pulls out a diamond ring that probably cost as much as he takes home in a month, and he asks for his lady's hand in marriage.

And then this happens:  

Plunk! Right into the water. All that money, all that time spent working and planning, all his best intentions...gone in the blink of an eye. Suddenly all fun and relaxation has ended, and the once-fresh air is filled with the acrid stench of resentment.

Has there ever been a better metaphor for marriage?


(by Dennis DiClaudio)

Sources: Swilk 16 | h/t redditor sircaptgingebeard