We all want someone to love and someone to love us, and sometimes that means we overlook the gigantic neon signs that say "WARNING: UNFIT FOR HUMAN DATING." It happens to the best of us, but at least we get stories out of it. We asked our readers to share their stories of "Ignored Red Flags" (last week's theme was "Kids Say The Wrongest Things"). Let their tales amuse and hopefully educate you.


1. Kari responded to our Facebook post with more red flags than a Chinese Communist Party meeting.

Red Flag 1: He had a Masters in Physics but worked for a pool and spa retail store.
Explanation 1: He was working on his PhD and it was easy work.

Red Flag 2: He finished his PhD work in just over a year.
Explanation 2: He got lucky with the timing because the Higgs-Boson particle made his research much easier to logic through.

Red Flag 3: Didn't stop working at the pool store after getting his PhD.
Explanation 3: He was burnt out on Physics and wanted to find something else to do.

Red Flag 4: Never wanted to hang out with my college friends.
Explanation 4: He didn't feel like hanging out with intellectuals for fun because he didn't want to always be thinking about science (I studied math and had a couple friends that went on to PhD studies in physics).

Red Flag 5: Couldn't produce his PhD or Masters diplomas.
Explanation 5: Got lost in the mail and he didn't want to pay for new ones.

Turns out his undergraduate transcripts and diploma were fake and the rest was an elaborate ruse that he'd carried on for 20+ years. No one ever questioned it, and he kept calling me crazy or would have excuses when I'd have questions.

It only came out after I asked if I could do a background check on him; he had lost his job and couldn't find a new one for 3 months while I was paying for everything. He told me to go for it and it showed nothing. He even tried to say it was a mistake but eventually came clean.

What a waste of 2 years.​