If your significant other cheats on you, the best (healthy?) thing to do is to end things and do absolutely nothing, right? Well, sometimes it's extremely difficult to just let the heartbreak wash over you instead of coming up with some sinister plot for revenge

Hell hath no fury on a woman or man scorned.

These 15 jilted lovers didn't want to be the bigger person. So instead, they sought out disastrous, shameless revenge. 

1. You know someone really despises his ex when he's willing to actually move residences to erect a huge middle finger statue outside her house. 

Good morning world! What in the freaking hell?!

According to the Huffington Post:

Alan Markovitz recently moved in to a home in Bloomfield Hills, Mich., next door to his ex-wife. He then proceeded to erect this bronze statue in her — and her new boyfriend’s — honor....

The daughter of the ex-in-question was quoted as saying, "“[I]t’s hard for me to enjoy my baths now because my fav tub is in my moms bathroom which faces out towards" the big ole finger.