It's a tale as old as time: Boy meets girl. Boy likes girl. Boy hopes girl reads this survey about how dudes think she should manage her pubes.


"I'm not going to tell you outright what I want you to do, but I am going to hold this razor and pointedly stare at your vagina." (via Thinkstock)

HuffPo and AskMen teamed up to survey a bunch of dudes about a thing they shouldn't really have a say in — what women do with their public hair. And great news, ladies! The largest section of responding men prefer the most inconvenient and unnatural option!

If that's the case, gentlemen, you are never, ever allowed to grow a beard.
(via Huffington Post)

I want to know so badly what "other" is. Shaved in the shape of a Mickey Mouse head? Braided into several tiny braids with festive beads at the end?

Thankfully, at least, most gentlemen have the good sense to not end already-initiated sex based on pubic hair:

"Nice to meet you. Before we go any further with this date, let me ask you about your pubic hair." (via Huffington Post)

Up until this point, I found the survey wholly unsurprising (men like porn vaginas/men will have sex when sex is in front of them). But here's the one thing that seemed kind of interesting — pubic hair grooming might actually be becoming more equal, but not because dudes think women should do whatever they want. Rather, a decent amount of dudes think that they should groom too:

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