It's wonderful to spend a day outside with the person you love, but so many things can go wrong: a bee can sting you, a skunk can spray you, or LARPers can take their campaign of destruction through your romantic photo shoot. On Tuesday, Redditor Onileo posted a photo his girlfriend, a professional photographer, took of a happy couple. But, as Onileo noted, "the photo shoot got bombed by some LARPers." (For those of you who don't know, LARP stands for Live Action Role Play.)

Hey, guys? Classic horror movie trope here. If your dog notices something, don't keep smoochin'.

On Facebook, Alexandria noted, "During Jess and Dales engagement session last year, we were photo bombed by some friendly LARPers! Out of all the photos I have ever taken, I never thought this one would go viral lol!"


While the whole thing sounds super fun and casual, neither Alexandria or her boyfriend notes whether these awesome LARPers interrupted on purpose. Just think about that if you ever need to send a message to a couple you don't like: having LARPers ruin a romantic photo shoot would be a pretty baller way to let someone know you don't approve of their union.