When you're in a relationship with someone and spending lots of time with them, you tend to notice the cute little things they do that make you want that person in your life forever and ever. Then there are the not-as-sweet quirks they have that chip away at your soul and make you want to watch Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer.

Count to 10 before you say something then keep counting because they're never going to stop.

On Reddit, a number of people aired their teeny-tiny grievances against their partners that are enough to make them complain endlessly but aren't quite deal-breakers. Never for a second did these 23 people find these little habits attractive about their partners.

1. benzethonium is quite sure their partner doesn't want more toast.

Making toast. Nothing else. She plugs in the toaster, gets out the bread and butter, like a normal person. Finishes making toast. Toaster is still plugged in, bread is on the counter and open, and the butter is uncovered with a butter knife in the butter. I ask why do you leave this stuff out? She says she may want more. We have been married over 40 years and she has NEVER wanted more toast. NEVER.

2. Breathe deeply, philtheprince, you'll get through it.