One good way to get out of having to pay alimony is to divorce your spouse without telling them. Then when it's time to split up assets you've accumulated throughout the marriage, your spouse will find out they actually have none. This is exactly what Gabriel Villa, 90, did to his wife Cristina Carta Villa, 59, only four months after they got married in 1994. Now she's suing him to nullify the divorce she didn't know she'd had, and to stop him from selling their Manhattan apartment and keeping all the proceeds for himself.

The Villa's apartment is in this building, where condos sell for about $1.4 million.

The divorce was registered not in New York or France, the two places the couple reside with their son, Lorenzo, but in the Dominican Republic, where neither of them have ever lived. According to Ms. Villa's lawsuit, her husband hired lawyers to represent each of them and gave “incompatibility of temperaments” as the reason for the split. But he then went on to live with her for another almost 20 years. She claims the divorce cannot be legal, since she didn't give permission for it, neither of them went to court, and the split was never printed in a newspaper as required by Dominican law.