Confession Bear is about ready to admit that's an outdated social practice anyway.

When you have an internet persona named SirTechnocracy and your girlfriend's username is LadyTechnocracy, it makes sense that you'd let your mutual love of nerd culture influence your proposal. However, few would have been as bold as SirTechnocracy turned out to be: he went on Reddit and made a public proposal using well-known memes and a series of beautiful paintings by well-known DeviantArt illustrators (below). Those paintings, he said, took "months and a couple thousand dollars," so wipe that "I could have totally done that" smirk off your face. The art (not the memes) represent 21 moments from the couples' 18 month relationship. Did you even have 21 moments in your relationship at 18 months? Have I had 21 moments ever?!


This symbolizes that time I proposed to you on a cloud and you said "not enough memes."

He knew she would eventually sign on and see the post, recognizing his username, and everyone else got to watch him wait. It's like arranging to have your marriage proposal shown on the JumboTron at a sports stadium, except all the other fans in the stadium get to write their comments under it. People were fiercely pided about whether this was OK, whether the memes were even funny, whether it signaled the end of society, or whether she would like it. Everyone, that is, except one person, LadyTechnocracy:

Technically, it should say "clicked yes." But still, d'awwwwwww.

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