Being a writer also means being an a-hole, apparently. (via)

Redditor valbee got this aggressively sexual opening message from an OkCupid user. When her surprised and offended response elicited a long, unintentionally hilarious rant about the meaning of being a writer, she felt the need to share the interaction on reddit, where it quickly shot to the top of r/OkCupid. 

The dude, who claims to be "the most published person on the planet" has still not been identified, but commenters had some pretty good guesses: Stephen King? J.K. Rowling? God? My bet is he is the guy who writes the copy on the sides of packages of Pepperidge Farm cookies, because I understand that's the only way to actually make your living as a writer. Although why he'd be taping a national radio segment is anyone's guess (to promote a new flavor of Milano?).

Then this happened:


Yep. He used the same line on someone else! I don't doubt reddit's ability to find this guy (and also harass him and destroy his livelihood but nevermind that). Update to follow if they find out who it is. 


(by Shira Rachel Danan)

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