A not-so-humble Facebook post—notable for its terrible message, even worse grammar, and over-the-top defensiveness—has Reddit excited on an otherwise dreary day. The story begins simply, with a "real man" saying "hi girls" and promising "i can give u everything u want" if they want a "realastionship."

You can see the "real man" (shown in black) respond to every comment.

If you're confused by this interaction, let the delightfully named YOLOnomoics69 give you a TL;DR version of the posts. YOLO replies:

Guy posts about being a better "man" for girls than all their "little boy" boyfriends. Then he proceeds to get called out by many women for being desperate and posting that on The Facebook.

It's quite funny because he tries to defend himself after every comment.

Whoever mercifully blanked out the names has not robbed you of the ability to identify the "man." His is the black bar, and his is the not-that-humiliated commentary of someone who should really be very humiliated.