18-year-old Allie Dowdle alleges that her parents took away her personal savings, car, and phone after they found out she was dating a boy named Michael who happens to be black. Dowdle, who maintains a 4.0 GPA at the private high school she currently attends in Tennessee, was left without a way to pay for her first year of college and claims she can no longer get to and from work without a car. She received a bit of financial assistance through loans, scholarships and work-study programs, but was still about $10,000 short of paying her tuition. Like any good millennial, this is when Dowdle turned to crowd funding.

They do make a cute couple.

As of Friday afternoon, Dowdle has raised $14,000 on her GoFundMe page, entitled "Allie's Tuition - Say No to Racism." However, not everyone is supportive of Dowdle, and argue that sending a privleged white girl to college is not exactly fighting racism.

One commenter wrote:

This campaign is highly offensive. Saying no to racism has nothing to do with this situation. Dating a black man and sending a privileged white girl to college who can't get a job because her parents took away her car is absolutely ridiculous. Take a bus. This campaign is an absolute insult to the millions of people who have been supporting themselves (and their families) for years, even before "they were 18," the millions of people struggling with student loan debt, the millions of people of color who are confronted with the behemoth that is racism everyday. You have other options,but unfortunately your immense privilege has not equipped you with the skills to explore those other options so you've turned to the internet to capitalize on folk's (and your own) white guilt. Your struggle is so not real.


Others echoed the sentiment, saying "being treated like a hero for dating a black guy seems pretty racist to me" and that the campaign is "steeped in privilege."

Another person who isn't too thrilled about the fundraising effort is Dowdle's father, Bill Dowdle. Dowdle, who owns a sporting goods store, told the Daily News that his decision to cut his daughter off has nothing to do with the color of her boyfriend's skin, although it is not his "preference" his daughter date a black man because of "issues" involved with biracial dating in the South. Rather, he says that he was upset that the two were dating behind his back and his teen daughter was spoiled, so "it became obvious that she needed to go out in the world and grow up." Well, that is just a twinge hard to believe after that whole "issues with biracial dating in the South" thing, but whatever you say.


In an update on her GoFundMe, she wrote that it was not her intention to shame her family, but her father's public remarks are "do not coincide with the personal opinions he has previously shared" with her.

Christmas must have been fun at their house!


Dowdle has not commented on allegations that she is exploiting her African American boyfriend for tuition money.