A Redditor posted this series of texts from her ex-boyfriend's crazy fiancée, and they are crazy. Her user name is rightfully confused_ex_gf, and she rightfully posted it in the "Cringe Pics" subreddit. Here is the context:

My ex boyfriend's fiance messaged me after they got engaged. We broke up almost 4 years ago and I haven't contacted either of them since the beginning of their relationship.


And here are the texts. Brace yourself.

According to the poster, here is the breakdown of events leading up to the texts:

  • Green and I break up several years ago. We stay acquaintances and share a social circle.

  • I meet my now-husband. Green meets red.

  • Husband and I attempt to be friendly towards her, she isn't having it and resents our friends for still associating with me.

  • Everybody stops associating with red and green because red loses her shit every time I'm around.

  • Husband and I throw our dream wedding, forgo the party to travel the world for almost 2 months.

  • Green proposes to red.

  • She sends me this after I haven't contacted them in almost a year.

  • Somewhere in there I buy myself a Porsche 911 because my husband doesn't love me fuck me, right?

Sources: Reddit