Whoah! Who said anything about the L-word? Also, I'm more of a "sub."

Here's a handy tool for any woman who prefers giving fake phone numbers over spending the evening being harangued and irritated by over-zealous suitors. Rather than hand over a random collection of digits that will probably just make the guy bother a perfect stranger when he's drunk and horny at 3 AM, someone set up The bell hooks Hotline, a phone number that responds to calls and texts with quotes from the feminist writer and activist, bell hooks. 


["BUT WHY CAN'T WOMEN JUST BE HONEST AND TELL GUYS THEY AREN'T INTERESTED?!!!" Because you, that's why. Now quiet down.]

I tried the number out, (669) 221-6251, and my first text didn't get anything, perhaps because their website says they've been getting inundated with thousands of texts and calls, most of them probably from bloggers like me to see if the thing works. On my second text I got the above response, then another text was met with the one below pretty quickly. 

Since the texts never clearly state that this is an automated response, it's fun to imagine dudes spending their night sending text after text, getting increasingly irritated that the girl they met at the bar earlier only ever responds with quotations from feminist theory.

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