He fully committed to making everything slightly less romantic.

They just wanted some quality time at the Lego Store. (via Imgur)


It happens the same way every time:

"Come and hang out with us!"

"Oh no, I don't want to intrude."

"No, it's fine, seriously."

"Are you sure? It's not going to be weird?"

"Yeah! It's not going to be weird at all!"

And then all of a sudden they're drinking from a milkshake with two straws, making eyes at each other while you awkwardly pretend to text someone in a Cold Stone. It's a phenomenon we know all too well, the undesirable fate of getting stuck as a "Third Wheel." When it happens enough, the odd one out either finds someone to turn their tricycle into a four-wheeled device (A wagon or something? I'm just gonna say "Double Date" since this bike metaphor isn't holding up.) or they give up and never see their friends again. Some determined third wheels, however, choose to stick it out. They don't have someone to bring along, but they love their friends too much to stop hanging out with them. That's exactly what happened to Imgur user earthyhillgivens, who has extensively documented his time as a third wheel in a recent photo series.

"...but seriously, who's gonna rub my sunscreen?" (via Imgur)

They're watching I Love You, Man. (via Imgur)

"I'm having a really fun time." (via Imgur)

I assume he's being forced to carry the hiking gear. (via Imgur)

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